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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the general age on the tours?

There is no general age group on our tours. We have had women travel with us that age from 21 to 71 and we have always had a ball! Traveling in a small group of fabulous gals is about a shared passion for travel and life. We are single, married, empty-nesters, professionals; a mix of solo travelers, girlfriends, mothers and daughters, sisters, co-workers – and many more!

Do you have to be a particular level of fitness?

Our tours are designed for women of all ages and fitness levels. However at times you should be able to walk for a reasonable length of time, and be able to walk up steps and over uneven surfaces.

Why don't you include airfares and insurance on your tours?

There is such a proliferation of deals available we believe it is better value and offers wider choice and flexibility for you to choose your own options – we do provide recommended airlines for the destinations we are traveling to. Most gals want to use their frequent flyer points or have an airline preference and we respect that. From time-to-time where required for transport during the tour we will include internal airfares in certain destinations. At all times we are very happy to assist with competitive airfares.

The same goes for insurance. We offer an option via SoulSisters, but again a lot of ladies have access to corporate policies, credit card providers (please check what they offer against a regular insurance provider to ensure you are completely covered) and have their own preference.

What happens if minimum numbers are not reached for a tour to depart?

If minimum number requirements are not achieved, then we will offer the option to those booked to re-cost the itinerary based on the number traveling and decide from there. If the tour does not proceed we will give you plenty of notice and refund your deposit in full.

Can I extend my tour beyond the provided dates?

SoulSisters can provide rates at the hotels, additional excursions and recommendations should you decide to extend once we finish our tour We can work together on an extended itinerary to suit your budget.

Where does my money get paid to?

SoulSisters Adventures & Retreats operates under the travel agent’s license of The Travel Network Inc, TICO number 2455619 . They are a fully licensed travel company in Ontario, and a registered member of IATA. They hold your funds in their accounts until payment to the relevant suppliers is required.

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